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Welcome to Connelly Sports

Welcome to Connelly Sports

Enigma - a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand.


After two years in the making, Connelly Sports finally arrive on the scene fully equipped to shake up the boxing equipment market. The main weapon in the arsenal is the bag that beats them all, the "Enigma Movement Bag". A real contender to the title in the punch bag market, the bag that hits back. Created with movement in mind, the enigma is a game changer in terms of changing up the same old boring patterns on the lifeless heavy bag. The unique movement the enigma creates gives the boxer an experience like no other on a traditional punch bag, an experience closer to a spar than hitting a bag.

Along with innovative new designs we will be launching our own boxing gloves, headguards, groin protectors and boxing accessories in the coming months. Our mission is to provide the best equipment to enhance your boxing /fitness journey, while offering value at the same time. 

Along with our product updates and news, we aim to use this platform to interview inspirational people from boxing and beyond. To hopefully give you a insight into the "champion mindset".