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At Connelly Sports we know you want to take your boxing and fitness to the next level. In order to reach that standard you need to challenge your training methods. The problem is traditional heavy bags offer limited movement giving you no motivation to keep your guard up or move your feet. Throwing punches knowing they will always hit the target can be counter productive for actual fighting or sparring. We believe we have created the solution, it does not have to be this way. As boxers, we've felt the same frustrations, that's why we spent years developing the Enigma Movement Bag. here's how it works. 

                  A ring shaped bag made from recycled foam making it lightweight. The bag comes complete with steel hook and swivel attachments that allow the bag full 360 degrees rotation. Altogether this gives you a lightweight punch bag which moves and changes direction with every punch. A floor to ceiling ball sits in the middle of the bag to act as a central target mimicking an opponents head.

The benefits for...

The beginner

Walking into a boxing gym for the first time can be a daunting experience. So many things to learn, punch combinations, head and foot movement and defence too name but a few. The Enigma teaches all these in a natural way with its movement. As your technique improves so will your speed, timing and overall movement without being overwhelmed. You will learn the fundamentals without even knowing it.

The experienced boxer

The margins between winning and losing can be so small when it comes to stepping inside the ring. Eight punch combinations are all well and good on the heavy bag, but getting the opportunity to execute them in a fight is a different matter. The Enigma is different, although still capable of taking heavy shots it is more of a technical bag. The spinning action of the Enigma make it great for shot blocking, head movement and the catch-counter. The shape of the bag make it great for uppercuts, hooks and straight shots. The overall movement of the bag call for precision timing and accuracy and keeps you mentally alert. All in all the Enigma can give you the fractions that are needed to have your hand held aloft at the final bell.

The coach

Every trainer knows "repetition is the mother of all skills". Perfecting game plans on the pads can be time consuming when you have a stable of fighters all craving your attention. Sending them to practice on the heavy bag while you take the next fighter, knowing only the punching part of the routine will be executed properly. The Enigma solves this problem with its spinning movement keeping the boxer switched on for the defensive side of the game plan, as well as the offensive. The Enigma is also a great tool for judging distance for getting shots off, as well as defending them. Hit and not get hit is the order of the day.

Great for home or in the gym

Connelly Sports build all their products with gym use in mind. The Enigma is manufactured for the rigours of a busy gym. Although the quality is gym standard, the Enigma fits well into any home gym. Weighing in at 29kg or 23kg the Enigma is light enough to take down if you are short of space while not in use. If you are serious about achieving your fitness or boxing goals, the Enigma is the bag to take you there.