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Connelly Boxing Enigma Movement Bag 23kg- Azure

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The 23kg Enigma is the lighter, faster little brother of the original 29kg champion of the Connelly Boxing range.

An opponent won't stand still in the ring and let you punch it, so why should your bag?

Unlike a conventional punchbag the Enigma will not let you boss the round,...it's unpredictable movement dictates your shot selection forcing you to think on your feet.  Jabs, uppercuts, hooks, body shots, straight punches this Enigma will make you draw on all your combinations and all your reserves to give you the ultimate workout.

The inside ball acts like your opponents head, improving your speed, accuracy and peripheral vision.

Many fighters hit a bag but fail to work their feet and overall defensive movements....creating bad habits!! The Enigma isn't going to allow you to get away with that. Our lighter 23kg bag moves more forcing you to have to work harder to avoid getting hit.

This bag will not only improve your defensive skills but hone your counter attacking combinations to make you a more complete all round fighter

Will you tame the Enigma?

  • Manufactured using premium PU synthetic leather with a latex coating for maximum durability.
  • The inner core is made from recycled foam layered to withstand maximum force but also cushion the impact.
  • Leather floor to ceiling ball.
  • Approximate weight: 23 kg / 50 lbs
  • Dimensions: 79cm x 79cm x 35cm / 31" x 31" x 14"

Due to the unique movement of the bag, it is recommended to have a 6ft circumference of floor space.

Chain not included.